Jessica Lares

Notes that actually made it past the "Publish" button

Droplets on the Leaf

in camera roll and iphone

One of those random plants in our backyard that I never noticed for a long time until a bunch of flowers bloomed out of nowhere last year...

Added a vignette, brought the exposure down, and boosted the saturation and clarity in Polarr.

The Frog

in camera roll and iphone

I was going to post a list of thoughts on tech this year, but it was all so very negative and read like it was written by someone who's very out of touch - And to be honest, I probably am!

So instead, here's a picture I took of a frog that was hopping around our solarium. He wasn't camera shy at all and I was able to try multiple angles.

in thoughts

My year trial of is ending pretty soon, and well, there are a few things I didn’t really like about it. Mostly just how it worked in general.

I did think about going back to WordPress, and someone recommended Pelican when I was talking about it on a IRC chatroom. But, I didn’t want to deal with having to always update the software and plugins anymore, nor am I really interested in having to maintain a static generator.

And so when I found Typed, and saw how far along it was, how easy enough it was to make a theme, and that the admin was very straightforward, I setup an account and decided this is where I was going to put up my stuff for the foreseeable future.

So here it is, I’m like at 5.0 of my blog now? Let’s see how this goes this next year.

P.S. I am not a fan of the Bootstrap framework. Maybe I’ve been away from this stuff way too long, but wow, I think I’d rather do it as I go along rather than figure out what I’m supposed to be overriding with my stylesheet file!


in camera roll and iphone

Pulled these out from our front yard and shot them on the bench, added the Clear filter and cropped in Polarr.