Chromebook Pixel and why you shouldn’t overlook it

The Chromebook Pixel is a $1,299 laptop that could easily last you ten years. If you’re looking to move away from the Windows ecosystem, you should really consider it. Especially for those of us that keep machines until they literally die on us, THIS is the perfect computer.

All the technology sites are telling you to stay clear away, but why? The $199 Acer Chromebook will be a miserable investment. You are better off buying the similar priced Nexus 7 that will give you better performance and battery life. Netbooks were awful, and that is exactly what the Acer laptop is – A netbook with a different OS. You’re going to throw it away next year when an updated model comes out.

The Pixel on the other hand has specs that are at the high end. And pretty much any rich media website you throw at it will be great (especially after they do a few system updates to enhance the experience). It is not just a computer that you can use for today’s technology, it’s future proofed. And when you’re buying a computer, this is an important aspect that you need to make sure any computer you’re buying has.

Another reason I would recommend the Chromebook Pixel is the fact that it DOES have a pretty good ecosystem. Let’s not forget that a lot of the major productivity tools that are cross platform are also web based and have Chrome apps to go alongside them. You can’t say that about Windows 8, which has been available for developers since 2011.

I would highly recommend it to casual Windows XP/Vista/7 users who don’t rely on anything except a browser to the internet. Think about that last $500 computer you bought. Is it still working for you? Is Facebook and Google both very laggy? Then you should consider spending more on your next machine. You do not get more bang for your buck on computer purchases, just like that one cent smartphone upgrade only gave you a phone with lots and lots of bloatware.