Dear Samsung, get off my front yard!

So, one of the first Samsung experience Best Buy stores is launching here in Lewisville, Texas. An area where there’s six Apple store locations. Besides myself, I have probably seen three other Android users in the wild. iPhones are pretty much the smartphones of choice of everyone around here, and AT&T has their headquarters in Dallas. It’s the choice of carrier for pretty much everyone here too because it’s the only one that doesn’t get interrupted service.

There are also 20 Walmarts, 5 Targets, more than 100 AT&T retailers, and a good chunk of T-Mobile stores. Nobody’s going to go into Best Buy just to check out their phones when they can do it pretty much everywhere else. Heck, the other day I went to Target to pick up an Android GoPhone since my Samsung Galaxy S2 is falling apart only after a year of use.

Apple’s stores are for connivence. You can buy whatever they sell, you can get GREAT customer support, and they have a few pieces of software and accessories on hand. The experience is nice, and I go in there and grab something every time I’m near one. If they weren’t down to earth stores, I wouldn’t even bother. They’re probably the only store besides Barnes & Noble and Starbucks where I don’t mind that there isn’t a Self-Checkout.

There is no way Samsung will be able to match that. And I hope they don’t succeed, because what could be worse than yet another non-American company doing very well over here without a clue about our culture in general except that we like to spend money.