“Computing isn’t about technology, in the same way that books are not about paper and ink.”

Tuesday, May 27th, 2014

Said someone on an Apple related message board thread. No one understood what was being said, so it got deleted. But I get it, and completely agree. He’s posted it again, yet people still aren’t getting it.

I’ve been using computers for 23 years now, and I was exposed to graphic programs, home modeling tools, and finance managers like Quicken. Of course I got to see the silly stuff like Microsoft Bob too. And because I saw those programs, I was able to appreciate the computer as a tool, and not just the front door to the internet. I spent a lot of time using Adobe’s PhotoDeluxe, then Jasc’s Paint Shop Pro, which ultimately lead me into the full-blown Adobe Creative Suite.

I also now manually manage my spending in a mobile app, and use Evernote pretty much everyday (In fact I was user number 183,587 and now they have over 100 million as of last week).

… And considering I render animation, it’s surprising how I haven’t had the need to upgrade to a quad core processor machine.

… No it isn’t, because spending an extra $2,000 to go that route isn’t beneficial to me at this point. I know the system requirements needed to do the stuff that I do use my machines for, and they are not that crazy. Modeling is not the part that pushes your GPU the most, it’s the compiling that does.

Limitations push you to think differently, and not about just tech, but everything in general. Finding solutions and workarounds are better than just giving in and buying the “better” product. If you let yourself do that, you’re never going to be happy with anything.

And a lot of people who do buy into technical specs are never happy. They don’t get that a quad core processor doesn’t make better software. It won’t make Netflix buffer any faster. It doesn’t make any gameplay any better than it would on a previous generation device. Most people find that a lot of games aren’t even optimized for these devices to begin with.

They also find that a lot of these devices actually lag more.

Why did you want a quad core processor again?

Books are to be read more than they’re to be appreciated for the type of binding, paper, and ink used. As they always say, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.”

Likewise, don’t judge a device based on specifications alone, and actually take into account what you’re actually using your phone to begin with. Sometimes it’s better to keep what you already have.

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My Love/Hate Relationship with Notebooks

Sunday, May 25th, 2014

I have lots and lots of notebooks, most of them I’ve used only a few pages, some of them I’ve never touched. And I’ve never felt guilty because I never spend a lot of money on them, but now they take up the majority of my desk drawers, and are piled up in my closet.

These last two years I’ve been pretty good about it though. I bought a set of two for a dollar, and have used pretty much every page back and front in the first one. I came this close to actually using the whole thing, which has never been the case in the last twenty plus years I’ve been at school.

And I continue to get better at it, and am now actively using two:

  • The first one is a Field Notes knockoff I bought in a pack of four for three bucks at Wal-Mart. I took the idea of the Bullet Journal and tweaked it slightly to work in the 3.5 x 5.2 notebook (which I know isn’t doable for some people, but it works in my case). I typed up a few inserts to stick in the back of both sides of the covers for extra notes and a symbol guide, and left it at that. I’ve actually managed to get through the majority of my first tasks since.
  • The second is my Evernote Moleskine I’ve just now got around to using. At this point I wish I’d have gotten the graph paper version because it makes for a better setup when you’re working with multiple mediums, but this’ll do until next time. On here, I’ve gone with dividing the book into sections – Table of Contents, Brainstorming, Storyboard (thumbnails) / Sketches, Scripts, and Extras. I’ll probably end up doing some more as I use it.

As for my actual writing. I’ve decided to keep it digital. I’m not very good with a pencil or pen when it comes to writing essays and general long form because I’m left handed and am subject to having lead and ink getting smeared all over my hands. For my blog here, I’ve actually learned of a cool Scrivener setup that I’ve now adopted. The writing experience is vastly better compared to just using the plain one in WordPress. Composition mode, which I’m using right now as I type this, is awesome.

It helps that my printer has a resizable feeder, and that I can just snap a picture of my pages with my phone. Seamless integration between analog and digital, yes please!

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Hello Again, Welcome to 3.0

Saturday, May 24th, 2014

Well, my writing goals for my blog this year didn’t last that long. But there was a very good reason for that. My mind was preoccupied with the projects I then had to do for college. That’s over for now… Maybe? I’m not sure yet. I go to school just for something to do more than I do for the education. A very expensive hobby, but very much worth it considering It’s knowledge I can make use of.

So what’s coming up then? I did a few changes on here to start with. I know people won’t like the fact that I’m moving away from a technology centric blog, but I did it because I’m just not that enthusiastic about it at the moment. I’m in the position where I’m happy with my current gadgets – Especially now that I’ve gotten rid of my Androids and switched from Windows Phone back to iOS (I now have an iPhone 5S), and have no desire for whatever’s coming out in the next few years.

Could care less about wearables, screen sizes, or anything else tech elites are going crazy over.

The only thing I am looking forward to is the new Macs that come out in the next few months. My MacBook Pro is suffering both display and GPU issues and will probably not last another six months at this rate. I’m thinking about a Mac Mini, but might end up with a Mac Pro considering the Mini will have the same integrated graphics chip as the MacBooks.

But that is going to take awhile since I have to save up again.

I’m not promising that anything I post will be groundbreaking, but I’ll try and keep it interesting enough for discussion. Expect a few ads here and there, but as always it’ll always be me voicing my honest opinion on stuff.

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