Picky Album - Automatic Photo Editing and Curation

Give it a selection of pictures (or take a series of them with the built-in camera view) and it'll pick up to 16 of them, present them in a grid they call a "Pick", with a few subtle edits based on their trained algorithm. The best part? It's all done on the device itself and doesn't require the transferring of photos to and from a server.

Droplets on the Leaf

One of those random plants in our backyard that I never noticed for a long time until a bunch of flowers bloomed out of nowhere last year...

Added a vignette, brought the exposure down, and boosted the saturation and clarity in Polarr.


Pulled these out from our front yard and shot them on the bench, added the Clear filter and cropped in Polarr.

Birds in the Sky

Composite edited with Darkroom and Pixelmator, was lucky to be outside my backyard when a few group of birds decided to fly by. What makes this even more special for me is that these are the first shots I took with my new iPhone 6S Plus.