Farhad Manjoo, writing for the New York Times:

What happened to gadgets? It’s a fascinating story about tech progress, international manufacturing and shifting consumer preferences, and it all ends in a sad punch line: Great gadget companies are now having a harder time than ever getting off the ground. The gadget age is over — and even if that’s a kind of progress, because software now fills many of our needs, the great gadgetapocalypse is bound to make the tech world, and your life, a little less fun.

I disagree. It looks like the Snapchat Spectacles are going to be a moderate hit and people are pretty excited about the Nintendo Switch (compared to when the Wii U was announced). When The Verge said that gadgets were back in 2015, it was after many years of terrible smartphone add-ons being showcased at CES. That year was particularly good, but it didn't happen again this year.

But next year there will be more people buying Amazon's Echo and Google Home. People don't want fitness trackers, 3D printers, or standalone cameras, they want gadgets that are more enjoyable to use compared to yesterday's technology.